Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Haul!

Hey everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year to you all!
My main new years resolution for 2014 is to create some better quality content for the lovely group of people following my blog and become more consistent in putting up blog posts regularly.
I will try my best, but what better way to start a new year then a shopping spree, right? ;)
So here a few things I picked up ...

The first things I bought were from The Body Shop and Boots, typical me, but I got some fantastic deals on the items I bought.
From The Body Shop I bought -
I wish they would put this in the permanent range of body butters because I absolutely love it! The scent is a sweet almond scent which to me smells just like marzipan. I was eyeing this up just before Christmas but I couldn't quite justify £13 for yet another body butter, when I already have a fair few (understatement). After boxing day sale this was put down to the price of £5 with a limited stock because it is part of the seasonal collection. Plus I had a 'spend £25 get £10 of voucher' and a £10 gift card that was very kindly given to me for Christmas. Sold.
In the shades - 12 Damson
                      - 49 Berry Shimmer
These two shades are no longer on the website but a easily found in store. The 'Colour Glide Lip Colour' are The Body Shops range of sheer lip sticks which I think are very similar Revlon's Lip butters ( which I love and would highly recommend ). Damson, which looks a lot darker in the photo than it actually is, is a mauve - brownish shade. I have really, really fair skin and I was looking for a nude lip stick, but most nudes seem to wash me out, so I decided on these two which are very wearable shades that could be worn on an every day basis. The other shade I bought is Berry Shimmer, a pinkie - mauve shade, another 'your lips but better' type of shade. At the moment the whole range of these lipsticks are on sale for £6 reduced from £10!
In the shade - 06 Guava
My last purchase from The Body Shop, a beautiful shade of hot pink, probably the brightest blush in my collection. A super fine powder blush that feels very smooth and silky.
From Boots I bought -

The Rocket and The Colossal Cat Eyes mascaras by Maybelline.
All of my mascaras had seemed to have dried up, so I decided that I was going to throw all my old mascaras away and stock back up. I bought The Rocket which was raved about a lot at the start of 2013, and I must be the last person to jump on that bandwagon. I also bought The Colossal Cat Eye, which I know is well loved by one of my close friends, so I thought it was worth a try seen a though Maybelline had a 'Buy 1 get 1 half price' deal on.

I am sooo excited about this purchase as I've wanted a pair of these beauties for so long and I have seen so many people wearing them. I bought this classic burgundy pair of puma suedes online at Footasylum which I would also recommend as they were very reliable and delivery was pretty quick too. They are super comfortable to wear and walk in and look really, really nice with ankle grazer skinny jeans! So happy with them :)

I went to Topshop with a £30 gift card my lovely grandparents bought me for Christmas and I found these Topshop Joni jeans in the petite section. I had never really contemplated buying the Joni jeans before as I have always been quite biased towards my beloved Leigh Jeans and had bought multiple pairs. I stopped the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans when I stumbled across the Leigh's, and fell in love with them, but finding the Joni's and trying them on, I loved them just as much and they fit me like a glove. They are super high waisted and a very stretchy, skinny fit. Almost like jeggings but a lot thicker and have a good waist band that rises high up your stomach. ( Sorry they look crinkled on the photo! )
Panda Tee
I'm sorry I cant find this on the website any more, but I bought it half price at Urban Outfitter for £15 from £30 and I just think that it is so incredibly cute, and I love it so, so much! It is very oversized and hangs way below your butt ( almost like a tee - dress ) and I think it would look perfect with a pair of plain black leggings that will bring out the features of the pandas face. The tee is by a brand called The Mountain and have an online website ( Link ) but I'm not sure if they ship world wide as the website is in dollars, but If they do I think the sloth print will be next on the top of my wish list!
Have you been shopping? I would love to have a nosey at what you bought if you bid!
Thank  you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and have a fantastic weekend! Much love.
- Katie xo