Thursday, 21 August 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish

Hey everyone!
Recently I have found a high street/drugstore brand of nail varnish that I have become obsessed with and have made quite a collection of and that is the 'Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish'. The first polish I tried from this range was 'Power Red' which is a classic red. My first impressions of this polish was that the application is very easy with the brush being a wide flat brush which allows you to cover the whole nail with three or four easy strokes. I also noticed that the polish was very opaque and left a nice shine to the nail. The drying time is average, but with patience will dry without leaving a tacky, rubbery texture and bunching up. I applied two coats, as I would with any other polish, and after wearing it for about a week, I got about a good five day wear out of it, without it being heavily chipped, which is amazing to say there isn't many polishes that last that long on me without getting chipped, which made me query the formula as it seemed very similar to a gel but didn't say so anywhere on the bottle. I researched this on the Maybelline website which described the formula of these polishes have a gel base 'Formula with a transparent gel base, giving a fierce fashion finish'.
As I loved this polish so much I was intrigued to try more shades from the same line to see if they were just at good as the one I had tried and they did not disappoint. I also find that these nail polishes have a fantastic colour collection with a wide range of different shades and finishes with some thing for everyone. I always see something that catches my eye.

The shades I have are:
'OCEAN BLUE.' - Shimmery, ocean blue
'MAYBE BLUE' - Light blue / Periwinkle, no shimmer or glitter
'BERRY FUSION.' - Shimmery, pinky, purple
'BUBBLICIOUS.' - Hot bubblegum pink, no shimmer or glitter
'POWER RED.' - Classic Red, slightly orange toned, no shimmer or glitter
'PINK SLIP' - Light pink with silver shimmer
'TUTTI FRUITY' - Light blue toned purple with tiny holographic glitters, sheer coverage
'CORAL REEFS.' - Shimmery, light peach
'LATTE' - Light nude, No shimmer or glitter  
'SUGAR CRYSTALS' - Peach toned, clear with silver shimmer, sheer coverage

Will you be checking out Maybelline's Colour Show line? If you have tried them what did you think?
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day.
- Katie x

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Blogging failure but I'm back

Hello to anyone still here and I highly doubt there is anyone still here.
I haven't been on, let alone done a post here, on Through Katie's Looking Glass since the 3rd of January which is 226 days ago. That is 7 months and 14 days ago. I failed this blog and I am sorry.
I would give you an excuse but honestly, I don't have one. Really, I guess I just gave up, was having a difficult time thinking of what post and didn't want to put up content for the sake of putting it up when I didn't think I would be particularly interested in reading it myself. I had lack of inspiration and imagination. So, I quit, but I really wish I hadn't because I recently remembered why I started this blog in the first place and that was because I had a passion for makeup and fashion and wanted to share what I loved and my opinions with anyone that would listen because I loved to read other blogs and other peoples opinions so much.
Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I am going to be doing some blog construction work and revamp Through Katie's Looking Glass and restart this blog.

... and to anyone who hasn't been here before, Hello, I'm Katie and welcome to my blog, Through Katie's Looking Glass! :)

- Katie x